Calling and Talking to Joe

My dad is declining and is confined to a wheelchair. His mind is quick and humorous as always but his body is slowly shutting down. Be prepared that he will be leaving us soon.

Since he is unable to hold the phone very well contact me and we will set up a time so I can assist him. He talked to Pat & Tom Reynolds the other night and they had my dad laughing as always.


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Joe’s Multiple Myeloma

Joe was diagnosed with stage 3 Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells, a few years ago and began receiving treatment. In early September 2011, his treatments were found to have become ineffective and he entered hospice care. In order to keep everyone informed, the family will be posting here and at Facebook regarding his health and activities.

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Welcome to the Website of Joseph Herring Sr.

Joe Herring Sr. was born in 1928.

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